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Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company. We are extremely proud of the feedback our customers have provided over the years for the quality of our work and our commitment to their success. Below are a few testimonials from a sampling of our clients broken down by the services we provide:


Audits - Reviews - Compilations


Tax Services/Small Business Taxes


Audits - Reviews - Compilations


"Jason and the Firm have provided our company with financial auditing services that have exceeded our expectations and they always present us with advice that is timely and relevant to our business.  Their assistance and guidance on some complex accounting transactions, solidifying our internal control structure and the resulting opinions on our financial statements have been invaluable to our business success." - Michael S. Nord, CPA, Treasurer, Western Truck School - 2014


"Russell, CPAs has served as SJWD’s auditors for 4 years.  They are knowledgeable of water districts and offer excellent recommendations on improving controls in a manner that is feasible given SJWD’s size and complexity.  While the audit is very thorough, the turnaround time for the completed audit is prompt and in accordance with the agreed upon schedule.  The firm utilizes a substantially paperless system and carefully manages the disruption to staff during the field work of the audit." - Mary A. Morris, Fiance & Administrative Services Manager - San Juan Water District - 2012


"Our non-profit corporation receives loans from states, counties and other entities to assist us in purchasing manufactured housing communities in an effort to preserve affordable housing. As a requirement of the regulatory agreement that accompanies these purchases, an annual audit is required. Russell, CPAs has prepared the required audits in a timely and extremely professional manner.

We have been very happy with Russell, CPAs and would refer other corporations or non-profits to their firm." - Diane Priest, Vice President Resident Owned Parks, Inc. - 2014





"Russell CPAs teamed with us as a subcontractor on a number of management consulting projects we performed for our public sector clients.  Jason Russell provided extremely valuable advice and insight needed on these challenging client projects.  Jason and his staff demonstrated a very clear understanding of our clients' needs, and clearly understood the financial analysis, accounting-related reviews and performance improvement work required to complete the projects.  His team developed clear findings and recommendations for each client, and performed the work on time and within the original budget. Jason is always a pleasure to work with and we greatly appreciate his expertise." - Edward Kaempf, founding Director of NewPoint Group - 2014



Tax Services/Small Business Taxes

"I think a good accountant should make your life easier not harder.  Your accountant should be a partner in your business, giving you the advise you need to be better at your chosen profession.  Your accountant's advise should save you so much money and make you so much money their fees are paid for in spades.  Simply put, your accountant should make life simple and profitable.  I looked for such an accountant for years until finding Jason Russell and Russell CPAs.  The things that stressed me about taxes and P & L's no longer do.  I look forward to tax time instead of fear it because I know I am prepared and 'doing it right!'  Without hesitation, I can truly tell you that after 20 years in business, THE BEST MOST COMPETENT accountant I have ever encountered is Jason Russell and Russell CPAs.  I exclusively refer my friends and clients to this firm.  If you haven't felt 'good' about your books or tax preparation, you must give this firm a try!" - Dr. Darrick Lawson, The Healing Touch Chriopractic - 2015


"At FWLG we rely heavily on our professional partners to assist our clients in areas that are outside of our expertise.  Russell CPAs has served as a reliable and valuable resource for tax matters.  We never hesitate to recommend them." - Cecilia Tsang, Attorney at Law, Family Wealth Law Group - 2015


"Our [nonprofit] corporation has employed the services of Russell CPAs for several years now as our CPAs who are responsible for the correct and timely filing of a complicated and involved annual 990 tax return.

We have been very happy with Russell CPAs and would refer other corporations or non-profits to their firm." - Diane Priest, Vice President Resident Owned Parks, Inc. - 2014


"My partner and I had just moved to California and registered as domestic partners with the state.  Jason and his team did an excellent job working with my federal and state income tax returns that year with all of their complexities due to the relocation, purchasing a new home and registering as domestic partners.  I continue to use Jason and his company for our tax returns." - Channing Campbell - 2015





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